2015 Season

Year 5

The Pirate Laureate and the King of the Sea

Written by Zachary Fernebok, Directed by Jason Schlafstein

February 2015 at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda

WORLD PREMIERE – We return to the world of Ephrata and the crew of the Chartreuse in this sequel to the 2013 hit THE PIRATE LAUREATE OF PORT TOWN. Ray Del Mar, The King of the Sea – a villain with both the violent tendencies of the Old Ways and Literary Might of the New, wreaks havoc upon our heroic pirates, dividing the crew both physically and in spirit as he furthers his quest to become King of All That Exists. The crew will have to come together despite the odds, and each other, to stop this dashing but diabolical dictator of the deep, as well as the ghosts of Captain Grayscale’s past – his long dead family, his arch-rival the Fancy Pirate Lereif, and the dreaded Isle of Whaste!

Flying V Fights: Heroes & Monsters

Conceived and Directed by Jonathan Ezra Rubin and Jason Schlafstein

Fight Directed by Jonathan Ezra Rubin

June 2015 at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda

WORLD PREMIERE – Returning with another show in our FLYING V FIGHTS series, the pair that conceived 2014’s groundbreaking fight album, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, bring you a brand new, all original, ensemble based, devised theatrical mix-tape of Staged Violence and Sonic Power. From the colorful skintight super heroes of the sky, to the monsters under the bed; from real life saviors of the day to the abusive parent at home and terror around the corner, HEROES AND MONSTERS dives head first into those we admire and fear – and why.

The Oregon Trail

Written by Bekah Brunstetter

A part of the DC Women’s Voices Festival

September 2015 at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda

WORLD PREMIERE – A tale of two young women, both named Jane. One is an awkward middle schooler with burgeoning body odor, a crush on a jerk who likes her sister, and an epic aptitude at The Oregon Trail. The other is actually in the game, living through the hardships of trail life with her family, totally unaware of her capricious fate as a character in a classic video game. But this game has an agenda of its own, maneuvering both Janes on a painful path towards self recognition. Looking at the impact of memory and the legacy of sadness across generations, THE OREGON TRAIL asks the age old question – do you want to ford the river?