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Recruiting All League Members

Greater than the sum of it’s AWESOME parts, the Flying V Fan League is too great for any single audience member. Made up of the Flying V’s Super Fans, the League is Earth’s greatest hope in the battle against existential loneliness. Amongst its glorious ranks are those who scoff at being only single-ticket buyers, those who understand the importance of experiencing great theatre, and those who enjoy the perks of being part of something greater.  Becoming a member of the League will unlock the full Flying V experience, changing the way you see your friendly neighborhood indie theatre forever. Be a Hero, Join the League!

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Two Tiers of Membership

The Urban Defender

$40.00 annual membership


Flying V Decoder Key Ring

Kick Back & Relax, Priority Seating

Masked Marauders, Merchandise Discount

Drink of Champions, Coupons

Flying V Ticket Punch Card

Be Recorded in Awesome History

The Planetary Avenger

$80.00 annual membership


The Perks of Being an Urban Vigilante

 The “Sidekick” Ticket

Flying V Advanced Loot Crate

  • Flying V T-Shirt
  • Graphic Novel Selected for you by Artistic Director Jason Schlafstein
  • Flying V Fandom Artifact
  • Awesome Swag

Flying V Fan League Perks

Urban Vigilante Perks

The Flying V Decoder Key Ring: Wear this incredible piece of swag to all your Flying V events. It’ll show everyone around you that you mean business, and use its qr code to unlock the Secret Messages hidden in the Flying V Programs. From insider information about the shows, special invites, or even a heads-up on cool things Flying V recommends- as the season progresses, you’ll be in the know!

Kick Back & Relax: Enjoy priority seating at Flying V Events by showing up before we open the house. Flash your keyring as you enter the theatre (or check-in at will call if you forgot your keys at home) and you’ll get the first pick on the most awesome seats. Perfect if you like the view from the splash zone or want to kick it in the back row. You get to decide your own fate!

Masked Marauders: There’s no rules about how you hide your secret identity, but we suggest the Flying V T-Shirt for maximum protection (no actual identity protection guaranteed.) Enjoy 15% off all our Flying V merchandise at our shows.

The Drink of Champions: Celebrate joining the League by enjoying a toast at your next show! You’ll receive a coupon for three free celebratory drinks from our themed selection of beer, cider, and wine.

Flying V Ticket Punch Card: You see lots of Flying V Theatre! Use this card and collect stamps at the will call line. After purchasing 5 tickets, you’ll get a free one to the show of your choice! Collect stamps from all of Flying V’s Main-stage and Ancillary events!

Be Recorded in Awesome History: Get the much deserved acknowledgement in the Hall of Heroes page of all future printings of the Flying V Program.

Planetary Avenger Perks

All the Perks of Being an Urban Vigilante and…
The Sidekick Ticket: What would Batman be without Robin? After you purchase any number of tickets at full price, for each show in the season,  you can email us to arrange a single extra ticket for that same performance date and time. Invite someone new to Flying V to join your squadron of crusaders and share the awesomeness!

Flying V Advanced Loot Crate: A crate full of awesome swag and personalized gifts! Yours to be picked up the next time you come to see a show! It includes the following awesome stuff:

Flying V T-Shirt:Give us your T-Shirt Size,  and see our shows in style in your very own Flying V T-Shirt! Flying V Tees are the perfect thing for any occasion- wear them to the theatre, to bed, to your cousin’s wedding (we won’t judge).

Graphic Novel/ Comic Book: A hand picked comic book graphic novel, selected for you by Artistic Director Jason Schlafstein. He knows great graphic novels and comics like he knows great theatre! Expect to be amazed with this hand picked selection.

Flying V Fandom Artifact: You’re clearly an ultimate player, enjoy the great reward of bragging rights- but we’ll spice it up by adding a personalized gift from Flying V’s past that you can show off to all your friends.

Awesome Swag: One fabulous piece of the Flying V legacy! This gift could be anything, and is a personalized gift from one of our company members- be assured, you’re walking away with something AWESOME. Don’t forget to brag in style with your #AwesomeSwag and spread the news of your awesomeness to the world!