Become What You Are

Come experience the awkward, lonely, and absolutely hilarious journey from childhood to adulthood!

What is growing up? It is a journey of discovery that is at turns awkward, lonely, and hilariously funny. Through a cycle of three short plays, BECOME WHAT YOU ARE examines the questions that haunt us all as we start to become aware of the world around us. What does the world hold for a curious 7 year old girl at a tea party gone terribly awry? How do two pre-teens navigate the treacherous landscape of their relationship in only seven minutes of would be heaven? Can Augie learn to stop worrying and love himself (literally)?

Director Jason Schlafstein says of the production, “I absolutely love this show – it’s extremely funny, clever, and subversively charming. Augie writes at the intersection of big ideas and intimate moments, with a tremendous wit and enormous need packed into a compact frame. I’m thrilled to be doing this piece as our inaugural production, especially with such a talented group of hungry young actors who have really shown their ability to dive into and relate to this material.”
Three Plays by *Lee August Praley

Elizabeth Sits at a Tea Party

directed by *Colin Grube

7 Minutes in Heaven with Kelly and Kevin

directed by *Colin Grube

Augie Praley Masturbates

directed by *Jason Schlafstein
starring *Aaron Bliden, *Blair Bowers, *Edward Daniels, *Kristen Garaffo, *Katie Nigsch-Fairfax, *Michael Saltzman.

Production & Design:
Ryan Maxwell (Stage Manager), Brian Allard (Lighting), Andrew Berry (Set), *Chelsea Kerl (Costume), Roni Lancaster (Sound & Projections), *Jose Nunez (Props), and Matt Reckeweg (Puppet) with Karin Abromaitis (Movement) and *Zachary Fernebok.

*Flying V Company Members