Science Fiction Double Feature

Science Fiction Double Feature

Science Fiction Double Feature

SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE blends the unmistakable Sci-Fi influences of the grainy pulp magazines of the ’30s & ’40s with the outrageous camp of late night Creature Features. Our midnight shows recapture the feel of hiding under the blankets with a flashlight and a magazine or stealing cable through the static fuzz (the weak of heart can embrace the experience at our special 8:00pm matinee).

Two world premiere one acts, written by Flying V company members Lee August Praley and Seamus Sullivan, are sewn together Frankenstein-style by a mysterious host and live action trailers, including a sneak peak of the Flying V summer show Incurable! Featuring the best young talent in the DC area unleashed, including five Flying V company members, this vibrant production promises to thrill complete with monsters, mad scientists, and robots.
Guaranteed to be the best time around in this or any other nebula.

See the production photos! ] conceived by *Jason Schlafstein
starring *Colin Grube as Host

The Monsters Are Due on Weeping Willow Avenue
by *Lee August Praley
directed by Ryan Maxwell
starring *Blair Bowers, Luke Cieslewicz, Ali Daniels, *Zachary Fernebok, and *Michael Saltzman.

Team Tomorrow Must Die!
by *Seamus Sullivan 
directed by Lex Davis
starring *Kristen Garaffo, Alice Gibson, Katie Jeffries, Matt Sparacino

Production and Design: 
Joe Musumeci (Set), Jason Aufdem-Brinke (Lighting), *Chelsea Kerl(Costumes), Neil McFadden (Sound), Patrick Lord (Props), Lex Davis (Fight Choreographer), *Colin Grube (Asst. Sound), Andrew Berry (Technical Director), Dave Humke (Associate Technical Director).

*Flying V Company Members