Flying V Fights: Heroes & Monsters





Conceived and Directed by Jonathan Ezra Rubin and Jason Schlafstein

Fight Directed by Jonathan Ezra Rubin

WORLD PREMIERE – Returning with another show in our FLYING V FIGHTS series, the pair that conceived 2014’s groundbreaking fight album, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, bring you a brand new, all original, ensemble based, devised theatrical mix-tape of Staged Violence and Sonic Power. From the colorful skintight super heroes of the sky, to the monsters under the bed; from real life saviors of the day to the abusive parent at home and terror around the corner, HEROES AND MONSTERS dives head first into those we admire and fear – and why.







The Writer’s Center – 4508 Walsh Street, Bethesda, MD 20815


Thursday, 6/11/15 @ 8pm
Friday, 6/12/15 @ 8pm (Opening Night, includes reception)
Saturday, 6/13/15 @ 8pm
Sunday, 6/14/15 @ 2pm
Monday, 6/15/15 @ 8pm (Industry Night)
Thursday, 6/18/15 @ 8pm
Friday, 6/19/15 @ 8pm
Saturday, 6/20/15 @ 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, 6/21/15 @ 2pm
Monday, 6/22/15 @ 8pm (Industry Night)
Thursday, 6/25/15 @ 8pm
Friday, 6/26/15 @ 8pm
Saturday, 6/27/15 @ 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, 6/28/15 @ 2pm


Tim Torre
Lee Liebeskind
Ryan Tumulty
Madeline Whiting
Megan Reichelt
Tori Bertocci
Robert Bowen Smith
Jon Jon Johnson

Creative Team

Jonathan Ezra Rubin and Jason Schlafstein: Co-Directors
Jonathan Ezra Rubin: Fight Director
Kristen Pilgrim: Asst. Director/Asst. Choreographer
Andrea “Dre” Moore: Scenic & Props Designer
Andrew Berry: Technical Director
Sasha Goldstein: Scenic Charge
Neil McFadden: Sound Designer
Kristin A. Thompson: Lighting Designer
Brittany Graham: Costume Designer
Tia Shearer Bassett: Audience Designer
Megan Reichelt: Dramaturg



“…The result is an engaging 85-minute set of choreographed fights, acrobatics and mimed dramas. It is fun stuff, especially for comic-book nerds, but for ordinary mortals, too… there is much to savor throughout…” – Jane Horowitz, Washington Post

“Flying V capitalizes on that desire in Flying V Fights: Heroes & Monsters, capturing those face-offs with the theater’s trademark mix of athleticism, stage combat skills, choreography, and puppetry.” – Riley Croghan, DCist

“As the players twist, climb, jump and crawl, fight choreography sometimes borders on dance in this nearly wordless exploration of those we fear and admire, and why.” – Lauren Landau, WAMU Art Beat

“Flying V Fights: Heroes & Monsters is fast-paced, exhilaratingly fun, painfully honest, dramatic as hell, passionate, and a wonderfully good time. Please, if you like yourself, go and see it.” – Karim Doumar, DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Genre-busting company Flying V’s latest production represents the best kind of fan service, using iconic comic book and fantasy references to inspire unique stories full of humor, heart, and daring physicality.” -Ben Demers, DC Theatre Scene

“If you are a big fan of action on the screen, on your hand-held, wherever, this is just the dream spectacle you need to get your summer off to a roaring start.” – Andrew White, DC Broadway World

“Whether you are a longtime lover of theatre or you just enjoy a good fight or love yourself some comics and pop culture, this is the show to see.” -Heather Hill, MD Theatre Guide