The Pirate Laureate and the King of the Sea

PL2 Cover Photo with Red

Written by Zachary Fernebok
Directed by Jason Schlafstein
February 12, 2015 -March 1, 2015 at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda

WORLD PREMIERE – We return to the world of Ephrata and the crew of the Chartreuse in this sequel to the 2013 hit THE PIRATE LAUREATE OF PORT TOWNRay Del Mar, The King of the Sea – a villain with both the violent tendencies of the Old Ways and Literary Might of the New, wreaks havoc upon our heroic pirates, dividing the crew both physically and in spirit as he furthers his quest to become King of All That Exists. The crew will have to come together despite the odds, and each other, to stop this dashing but diabolical dictator of the deep, as well as the ghosts of Captain Grayscale’s past – his long dead family, his arch-rival the Fancy Pirate Lereif, and the dreaded Isle of Whaste!


FINN: Matthew McGee
GRAYSCALE: Matthew Pauli
SANDY: Kaylynn Creighton
RUBY / LEREIF: Bradley Foster Smith
OPAL: Megan Reichelt
HUE / CRYSTAL: Farrell Parker
RAY DEL MAR: Carlos Saldana
KALAMARA: Natalie Cutcher


Zachary Fernebok: Playwright
Jason Shlafstein: Director, and Producing Artistic Director of Flying V
Doug Wilder: Associate Director
Daniel Mori: Assistant Director
Allie Heiman: Stage Manager
Jos. B. Musumeci Jr.: Set Designer
Kristin A. Thompson: Lighting Designer
Zachary Fernebok: Costume Designer
Andrea “Dre” Moore: Props Designer
Neil McFadden: Sound Designer
Jonathan Ezra Rubin: Fight Choreographer & Managing Director of Flying V
Andrew Berry: Assistant Technical Director
Cody Whitfield: Master Electrician & Production Manager of Flying V
Brittany Graham: Associate Costume Designer
Heather Whitpan: Marketing & Communications Director of Flying V
Steve Przybylski: Composer & Musical Director


“The Pirate Laureate and The King of The Sea takes you on a sea coaster of emotions with captivating performances that leave you hoping for an adventurous third installment.”– Raisa Lefe’ Maryland Theatre Guide

“Pirate is a glimpse into the theater of the future from a new generation of creative artists not wanting to be tightly bound by what came before.” -David Siegel, DC Metro Theater Arts

Playwright Zachary Fernebok “obviously has storytelling chops, and he uses them to advantage throughout this production. There is a lot going on in this story, and the poetry device is used strategically, and to good effect.” – Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene

“This is quite the sequel, indeed. Flying V, a young company that has earned a devoted following with their whimsical originality, returns triumphantly with another episode in their Pirate Laureate series…” -Andrew White, DC Broadway World

“It’s a sign of a great show when, while you’ve got the audience’s attention, you can also make them feel and think. … KING OF THE SEA does all three of these things, and it does them a sense of